Family Forever



Our very special Family Forever candle will sweep you away with the scent of sea salt splashing on the coastline, drift wood, with a gentle scent of orange blossoms to round out this beachy fragrance.

A portion of this candle will go the Stephan Walsh family to help fray the costs of his medical bills.

A little bit about Stephen…

Young, fun-spirited, adventurous Stephen Walsh never had a normal childhood. Half his childhood days were spent in the hospital for having been diagnosed with Cushings Syndrome.  With a doting mother by his side and a small sister to cheer him up – Stephen could only see the blue sky by the window of his hospital bed.  After two brain surgeries,  he grew up looking after and protecting the ones he loves. His life motto “FAMILY FOREVER”, Stephen became our family’s  gentle giant.  But unexpectedly, episodes of clustered headaches started coming back . .

March 24, 2020 he experienced the familiar headaches and nausea, two of the common symptoms of meningitis. In the midst of the COVID – 19 pandemic, Stephen was rushed to the E.R. Confined once again with no visitation privileges, alone in a four cornered hospital room fighting bacterial meningitis. With several doctors working together to treat him, they were now looking at a 3rd brain surgery. In collaboration with the doctors who did his previous surgeries, he was transported to another hospital that specializes on his extensive medical history in the next coming week.

The medical expenses for his 3rd brain surgery procedure are an astronomical figure and will drain the ample resources we have. With business being closed due to current events that is happening world wide we have no other source of income coming in.

Since November 2020, five months after his 3rd brain surgery Stephen has been experiencing constant and involuntary fluid nasal discharges. Upon consultation with his dedicated medical team, they were able to establish that these fluids were in fact coming from another cerebrospinal fluid leak. Therefore, we were advised that his condition requires another surgery and further procedures. The diagnosis came as a shock and untimely as we are still in the middle of trying to recuperate from financial hardships due to some outstanding medical bills from previous surgery, and with the ongoing pandemic, through no fault of ours, lost our main source of income on different occasions. Our dampen hearts and spirits leaves us with no other recourse but to ask everyone to once again join us in prayers for healing and support for his upcoming surgery.

Stephen is now out of surgery and is slowly recovering. He had a substantial amount of leak on the right side of his brain. His trusted doctors were able detect and put a stop on the leak, then meticulously repaired the site with the help of skin grafting. However, there is still ongoing pressure from the previous pituitary tumor site that will need further care and observation but right now we are truly blessed that he made it through.

Written by his lovely wife, Monica



  • Hand Poured in Southern California
  • 8.3 oz Clear Glass Jar with Lid
  • Vegan Friendly
  • 100% Natural Soy Wax grown in the U.S.A.
  • Lead Free Wick
  • Clean Burning
  • Non-Toxic

What you will receive:

An 8.3oz/ 235.3g candle with a black lid.              Scent: Laguna

General Information about our candles:

If you notice a bumpy surface or small holes once your candle has cooled from burning, this is normal for 100% soy wax candles. When you light your candle the wax will melt and your candle will perform as normal.

Burning Instructions:

During the first burn, make sure to allow the entire surface of the candle to turn to a liquid state. This will ensure your candle gets the most hours of burning time.
Trim your wick to 1/4″ prior to each burn (Our candles are trimmed for your first burn).
If you notice a large flame while burning, blow out flame, wait until the wick is cool, trim wick & re-light. Remove any wick trimmings that may have fallen into the wax (this is a fire hazard).
Do not leave candle unattended while burning.
Keep away from children, pets, drafts, and any flammable items.
Discontinue use when 1/4″ of wax remains in the container.